Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on this web site?
Selected information is on the home page. Most information is in the blogs, forums, and under Organizations.

You can enter search words, then click on the  Search  button in the top panorama picture, right.

In the top panorama picture, is the spotted cat between the cheetahs and the lion a young leopard?
No, that's a serval cat, Leptailurus serval, one of the many wild cat species in Africa. It is somewhat bigger than a house cat. More photos are in the 2007 travel report, chapter "2007-06-21 and 2007-06-22 – Masai Mara" near the end of the page.
Does this web site cost anything?
No, for you it is entirely free. The running costs may one day be covered by ads in the sidebars.
Can I write articles without having a blog?
Yes, you can write articles in the forums. You have to create an account for yourself first and log on. If the "Create new account" link is not there, try again three weeks later. Sometimes the new user registration is disabled while the administrator is away.
What can I write into this web site?
Everything that's legal, with a few exceptions outlined below.

If you have a blog, that is your own personal space.

The forums have assigned meanings. If a forum article doesn't fit the forum, it may be moved to a more appropriate forum.

Articles that are damaging to this web site or its reputation, advertisements, and any text that is not written in English will be deleted. This includes articles, comments, and replies that contain links to unrelated web sites. Such postings are instantly deleted and the user is blocked.

How should I write?
You can only write when you are registered and logged on. Registered users can write into a forum.

For normal text just write without pressing the return/enter key. Let the computer do the line breaks.

Separate your text into paragraphs for easier reading by pressing return twice.

For advanced formatting you can use certain HTML codes (see Input format when you write).

Can I add images to my articles?
Yes. The easiest way is to use the Images command to add pictures.

Larger pictures are automatically reduced to max. 800 pixels width or height. The original image file is discarded to protect your full-scale photos from plagiarism.

Can I attach files to my articles?
Yes. Click on File attachments while you edit your article.
Can I get a blog?
If you are a researcher, assistant, student, or conservation activist, and your activity is related to Africa, you can get your own blog. Create an account for yourself first, in your personal profile explain briefly what you do, then send a short email to the webmaster.

You will get your own, personal blog with its own web address (URL), where only you can write new articles. Other visitors can append comments and replies to each of your articles, but they cannot write original articles into your blog.

Can I get a forum?
Yes, if any area of interest has enough new articles that the available forums are insufficient, new forums will be created. Project groups can get internal forums on request, that are only visible to project members.
Can I get a whole web site like this?
Yes. If you and your project team writes so much interesting information that this web site bursts at its seams, you will get your own, complete web site. (You can get one instantly, but that cannot be free.)
Is this web site related to http://elephanttrust.org/?
Yes. It is designed, hosted, operated, and administered by the same person. However, http://elephanttrust.org/ is owned and ultimately controlled by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants.

The idea behind resaf.org is to offer all other field researchers and conservationists in Africa the same opportunity to communicate.