Rescue for Kenya's Orphaned Elephants

Tue, 2009-01-13 17:28 by Jan

Did you know elephants have the power of infra-sound, which allows them to communicate over great distances? They can also hear seismic sound through their feet. And a recent study has confirmed that the memory part of an elephant's brain is far superior to that of a human, so the old saying "an elephant never forgets" could actually be true.

It was in 1986 that I managed to raise the first orphaned elephant here in Nairobi, and since then we've raised 90. We're with the animals all the time. We feed the young elephants gallons of milk every hour and sleep with them at night. We try to make it just like it would be in the herd. Elephants are very sensitive to family and any separation from loved ones can depress their immune systems and bring on life-threatening diseases. They're a lot like humans and we have to heal their minds as well as their bodies.

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