Server crash

Fri, 2009-06-05 13:48 by admin · Forum/category:

June 4, 2009, beginning around 13 o'clock UTC (15 in Europe), and June 5 turned out to be our Black Friday. Something on the mainboard of our server burned out, and the board, essentially the whole computer except the peripherals, had to be replaced.

This was done after a few hours, and the server was up and running again. However, due to some intricacies of Linux, because the configuration was not adapted to the new Ethernet adapter, particularly its MAC (Media Access Control) address and possibly the whole driver, our renovated server remained stubbornly invisible on the net.

It took about 24 hours of intermittent work sessions by myself and the computer center crew to fix the configuration and update the Linux kernel, and around the same time on June 5 our server finally rose from the ashes and is now running better than ever on its new motherboard.

If this had not worked or if the hard disk had crashed, we would have had to take a new server and restore all our web site data from the most recent backup, which is currently done weekly. This means that up to one week of recent input could be lost. But fortunately it wasn't so, and no web content and no emails were lost. Some emails may be delayed, but they should all arrive over the course of June 5.