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Written by Victoria Yu - volunteer with Action for Cheetahs

Wanna help? Wana Duma!

For years, one of CCFK's past volunteers, Susanne Garrison, supported schoolchildren in our neighbor community of Gilgil by providing for materials, uniforms, and fees. In 2006, Maxime Lapidaire of Cheetah Friends Europe (and former CCFK volunteer) sponsored a Salama student's secondary education. Now, we've made their work official.

Eco-Sys Action, a nonprofit organization based in Hong Kong and France is dedicated to helping sustainable development projects around the world. Eco-Sys director, Chiristian Pilard, partnered with CCFK and Susanne Garrison to launch Wana Duma. Eco-Sys Wana Duma is now a nonprofit company whose mission is to keep Kenyan children in school. The programme evaluates each child's needs on a case-by-case basis, providing for registration fees, school supplies, and medical needs where needed. Through their generosity, our volunteers are able to strengthen our local communities one child at a time.

Visit Eco-Sys Action - http://www.ecosysfun.com/cheetah.html
Wana Duma Children's Project - http://www.wanaduma.org/

Thes sites provide updated information on the link between children and cheetahs

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