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Sarah Brooke photo of cubs just before independance

Sarah Brooke photo of cubs just befo ...

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Blast from the Past: Cheetahs Coming of Age

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Written by Victoria Yu - using past newsletters

Remember that mother of five we radio-collared in March 2005? Well, “Mom” went on to have four more cubs in August 2005, two of which unfortunately died on the Mombasa Highway. But we continued tracking her and her brood all the way through December 2006, when her cubs graduated to independence. These cheetahs are ahead of the game: females have been known to stay with their cubs until they are 18-20 months old, but these became independent at 15 months. Good luck, graduates!

The most recent sighting of the mother with the collar was in January 2009 when she was once again seen with 2 cubs. This is hard to believe as she was estimated to be over 7 when we collared her. We really expected her collar to outlive her... she is a SUPER MOM!

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