Biodiversity Saving the Day

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Nyaguti and Mary set up camp after the Conference Speaker at Biodiversity Conference Mary and Bonnie at the Conference Nyaguti, Bonnie and Shlomit after the Conference

Written by Victoria Yu

In April 2007, KWS hosted a biodiversity conference for local and international research in Kenya It provided an opportunity for researchers to share information with each other and with young students who are breaking into the field of conservation. Bonnie Schumann (CCF Namibia) and our very own Mary Wykstra gave a presentation on our efforts to incorporate community development into cheetah conservation programs in Kenya and in Namibia. Good job, ladies!

Following the Conference Bonnie and another volunteer, Shlomit Hoffmann, joined the CCF team for a Catle Dip workshop. Lawrence Nyaguti was the sorkshop speaker and provided information on "How to run a Business". Shlomit and Bonnie also radio tracked the mother cheetah in Salama and advised on our programme directions.