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Cleveland lunch with the crew Sep 09 (4) Julie with Red Panda cub Cleveland Sep 09 (4)

by Mary Wykstra

After the Labor Day Holiday, Guy drove me to Cleveland on 8 September where I was hosted by Julie Good. Julie is a volunteer who is donating her time to assist with web activities. In addition to her own personal time, she is also supported by the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo in the development of the ACK web site, cause pages and blog sites. We spent two full days at the zoo to lay out the programme plan for web site and blog work and to initiate the sites. On 9 September we attended Cleveland Chapter AAZK meeting where I gave a summary presentation on ACK and CaLL. The chapter made a donation and members purchased hand crafts. The chapter also took additional crafts for selling at their pre-Christmas event later in the year. The Zoo also hosted a “Brown Bag” lunch on the11th. Phyllis Davis and Ronda Leep drove from Michigan with additional crafts to assist with the lunch event. We were hosted for the evening by Anne Kaminsky who is a Zoo staff member and has actively assisted in keeping ACK in the forefront of the Aquarium and Zoo Facilities Association (AZFA) which in the past has supported cheetah conservation through conference craft sales and other donations. The veterinary department assisted with some veterinary items to assist with biomedical collection.