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Salama Camp glad to be home!

by Mary Wykstra

Over the weekend of the 24-25th Oct, I packed my bags and did final inventory of the remaining crafts. Our stock is nearly depleted. With the success of craft sales on this trip it has heightened the need to open a business for the import of these crafts for import and wholesale in the Zoo and conservation industry. This in itself will be a full time job but will benefit the local people in the areas where ACK works, will raise undesignated funds for the project and will employ people both in Kenya and in the US. My fingers are crossed that COOL crafts will be launched this year!

A huge thank you to all of the cheetah friends who assisted in planning my trip, who picked me, dropped me and provided me with a place to rest. Thank you to all who give me emotional and financial support. And a special thanks to my family who support me unconditionally.

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