January Volunteers

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Wed, 2010-04-07 20:33 by ACK Mary
Peter and Cosmas tracking)  Mary and Berryll Peter's photo of Nataanywe

ACK relies on volunteers to assist in everyday activities when they join our team. Peter Barber is a volunteer who has returned five times. He started with providing assistance and with fundraising for the cattle dip project in 2006. Each year he revisits the dips and encourages the mangers to keep up the good work. Peter also aids many projects through raising awareness and funds once her returns to Canada.

This year Peter was able to participate in a part of the project which he has been waiting for - he was with us when we collared the cheetah in samburu. For all of us at ACK it is such a pleasure to see close up that the cheetahs are healthy and to know that when we have this brief contact with them, we are preparing orselves to learn so much from the collars we are placing on them.

Berryll is a local volunteer. She joined us for a couple of weeks to see what researchers do. She is awaiting her scores from completing the form 4 exams so she can complete her college applications and study biology and/or wildlife management. She spent her spare time with us writing for our web site. I look forward to getting her written articles up soon.

To find out more about volunteering with ACK please visit the volunteer site on cheetah.org

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