Dudu's in the Meibae Conservancy

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by Maxime Lapidaire

While out on field work and camping in the Meibae Conservancy in June 2010 for cheetah trapping, there were a huge variety of dudu’s (insects) found in the ACK camp site. From enormous walking sticks to cicadas which we had never seen before. Other than these unknown insect we also found many different kinds of lizards , dikdik’s and mongooses (mongeese??) in the camp.

Every evening we were treated a concert from the Vereaux's eagle owl, and as we went to sleep we heard hyenas from a distance.

In the Westgate Conservancy an elephant was walkied through the dry river behind our camp. Normally this is not a big deal, but this particular elephant was b bit too curious thus warenting an askari (armed guard) through the night.