With The Help of Lewa

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Westgate trap checking March 2010 Mary and Lentaam tracking March 2010 Trapping at Westgate March 2010 - Steven head of security helps with explanation

In Salama we first started trapping cheetahs in 2005. We used local welders in Salama town to build the trap and the goat bait pen. when Chifuyu started her PhD work in the Salama area we received funding for two addtional traps in 2008 and have been usingt them in the Salama area ever since.

Starting the project in Samburu means another set of equipment. Using the model trap – original design was from CCF – we asked the Lewa Downs workshop manager, Harry, if they could build us a trap. I took only two weeks and the new trap was ready for collection.

To assist with explaining the function of the trap and to assist with setting it up for the first time, Lumumba joined Mary in March. We trained the Westgate rangers and our new assistant, Lentaam, in setting and checking the trap. We also spent some time with the Westgate community to explain why and how we trap cheetahs.