My first Wild Wild dogs

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Wild dogs ELP Camp 27 March 2010 (4) Wild dogs ELP Camp 27 March 2010 (9) Ewaso Lions Camp View from hill above the camp

By Mary Wykstra

On 27 March during trapping in the Westgate Conservancy I stayed at the Ewaso Lions camp. I was just about to head out to check traps as Shivani and her crew returned from a morning game count with news of a wild dog sighting near camp. As we prepared to drive down to where she had left them, we saw an amazing sight… the 14 dogs pranced over a hill near the camp and walked less than 200 meters as we stood at the Lion camp mess area and took photos. This was my first ever wild dog sighting!

We proceeded on with high hopes of catching a cheetah that month, but had less luck on that end.