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Mary back in Kenya

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In an intense one year program I have completed my Master of Environmental Management degree at Yale University. My goals were to improve my academic skills for supervision of students and to analyze data for publication in popular media and scientific publications. Thanks to the assistance of several fantastic professors at Yale University Forestry and Environmental Studies, my goals have been accomplished. Well… mostly. Three papers have been written from our 2003-2009 work. I will definitely alert everyone once they are accepted for publication.

I returned to Kenya on 25 May. After a day of catch-up with Cosmas we hosted two awesome groups of cheetah friends. Cathryn Hilker from the Cincinnati Zoo Angel Fund was accompanied by Lilly Maynard and their friend Mark Portman. The Angel Fund has supported ACK from our beginning under Cheetah Conservation Fund. They were key in our ability to complete the National Cheetah Survey, they have supported vehicle repairs, Salama camp construction and staff salaries. The Angel Fund has generously supported cheetah and other cat conservation activities in many countries. Cathryn is travelling across Africa to visit several of the sites in honor of her 80th birthday.

The following day (28th) we were joined by Bonnie Blackmore and Amanda Jones. Bonnie manages the Cheetah Alliance and is an inspiration to youth and adults in her efforts to raise awareness about cheetah conservation and the plight of the bee – helping us to tie in the delicate balance of the ecosystem through all creatures great and small. Bonnie is an award winning author of the audio book “The Cheetah Portal” and her positive energy can be felt by anyone blessed with her presence.

Throughout the weekend we met with our community scouts and with Sam about the projects that have continued while I was away. We visited the area and our community scouts, held evening discussions in the tree house and took a side trip to the Lisa Ranch where the Mbithi family caught us up on conservation efforts in the surrounding area. This was a perfect weekend return into our Salama study area.

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya needs your help in continuing our work in the Salama area. To make a donation, please visit Project Survival –