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While I was away our community scouts in the Salama study area reported weekly activities to Cosmas. He shared several stories with me throughout the year that I would like to share with you:

An adult cheetah came to the house of Mr. Toby and drank from the livestock water trough. The houseboy was taking a break by resting under a tree in the yard. As he saw the cheetah walk within 100 meters he sat frozen under the tree afraid to move or try to scare the cheetah away. He was close enough that he could hear the cheetah purr as it drank and walked slowly away.

A man PUT HIS HAND IN A CHEETAH’S MOUTH in Mwanyani. The story goes that he heard his goats give alarm and raced to the bushes with neighbors to see what was happening and as he was crawling in a ravine a cheetah came flying over him. The man laid down and lifted his hand to protect his face only for it to end up in the cheetahs mouth as it jumped over him. He was slightly injured on the inside and outside of his hand. But the most interesting part is that he knew that the cheetah did not attack him but that his hand got in the flight path of the cheetah. Our scouts have been sharing with the community that cheetahs do not attack people, so the man had remained calm and saw no fault in the actions of the cheetah.

A pack of 12 wild dogs were seen in the Stanley Ranch and along the Kiu settlement area. Our staff found footprints of the pack, but were not able to see the animals for themselves. They used phone and foot to pass the word through the community that goats and cows should be kept under vigilant watch while the pack was around.

These are only a few os the issues that our cheetah scouts assist with. Please watch for more stories coming soon.

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