Vehicles and the Fall Tour

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I am currently preparing for my 2011 fundraising trip. I have returned to Kenya with a stronger academic and policy promotion framework. It is our goal to bring in more Kenyan students in the coming years to assist in training the future conservation leaders of Kenya. Both Cosmas and I have completed masters programs and we feel that it is time to lay a foundation for a new generation of scientists, educators and community development officers to be conservation leaders. Our ongoing work includes community scouts for wildlife monitoring, student research for stress and prey analysis, conflict mitigation, school and community education programs and partnership with EcoSys Wana Duma in community development and the Wana Duma Childrens Project in promoting education for underprivileged children. We are also finally hoping to launch our craft import business this fall – COOL Crafts.

On the fall tour we will be presenting the foundation on which our research and conservation activities are based. We hope to combine international and local students through which the international students and grants through ACK will support the projects undertaken by the local students. In order to do this we need your help. Your support can help us in three ways:

1 – Please let us know if you are interested in supporting research, education or community development so we can tell you more about the program for the activity that interests you the most;

2 – The hardest aspect of conservation research to raise funds is for general operations – general donations can be earmarked for ACK through the Cheetah Conservation Fund or through Project Survival. When making a donation through either of these organizations please let the accounting people know that the donation is for ACK – otherwise it will go into their general donation pool. Earmarked donations through either of these 501(c)3 organizations come 100% to ACK.

3 – When I arrived in Kenya in 2001 I was funded through grants via CCF and a private donation to purchase a vehicle. I chose a 1992 Toyota double-cab Hylux pick-up with 89,000 kilometers. To date, this is still our field vehicle, but it now has 399,000 kilometers and a rebuilt engine. The poor truck spends one or more days in the workshop in Nairobi every month and is costing us as much as $4000 per year to maintain. On my fall trip I will be seeking support for the purchase of a new vehicle – thus in total I will need to raise about $45,000!

Finally, if you are interested in hosting an ACK presentation please contact us. I will be available in the western states (or Canada) from 27 August through 10 September and in the eastern/Midwestern states (or Canada) from 16 through 30 September. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.