Samburu Transects

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Using the model of the data collected in the Salama area, Cosmas worked with our community officer – Chris Lentam – and with the Maibae rangers to set up line transects in the Maibae conservancy. The transects use the same methods as the ones conducted in Salama and will allow us to compare the areas for cheetah movements as well as prey base and competitive predator interactions. this data will also be able to be compared to neighboring conservancies and linked with ongoing studies by the Grevy Zebra, Ewaso Lions and Northern Rangeland Trust projects.

Cosmas spent several weeks working with Lentaam while I was away and made his final evaluation of the Maibae area through a 10 day excersize with scouts from the area in June 2011. We are now prepared to lay out a series of game count transects for prey and predator monitoring. We will soon begin dry and wet season data collection and will once again beging collaring attempts to determine the movement patterns of the cheetahs that live amoung the area pastoralists.