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Thu, 2011-07-14 10:18 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:

Erica Hermsen joined ACK as an intern in June. She is a Master's student with Antioch University. We are excited to welcome Erica in developing a proposal to conduct camera trapping studies for funfillment of her MSc. Erica's focus will be in the Salama and Athi-Kapiti ecosystems to test means of baiting cheetahs for radio collaring. Our lack of sucess in the last couple of years in using the goat-box trap method as is used in Namibia, South Africa and Botswana has given us the grounds for the camera survey. She will be contcting Zoos and other institutions to find out the best enrichment attracants and will test the attractants in our study area. The camera traps will give us the ability to identify individuals as well at to check carnivore population densities based on the trapping transects. We currently have 5 camera traps that were donated by Project Survival, and funding for an additional 4 cameras through a generous donation by Guy Combes Artist through proceeds from his phantom cheetah painting.

Erica and Cosmas tested one of the potential baits .... cheetah bedding from the Nairobi orphanage. with these results Erica will complete her proposal in the next month for approval of her university and for submission to KWS. This caracal was captured on the first eveniing... checking out the cheetah bedding.