Malili Technopolis

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A large portion of our Salama study area was subdivided in 2007-8 - the Malili and Aimi ma Kulungo share holder ranches were disolved from being commercial ranches and properties of 7 to 10 acre plots were distributed to the share holders. The open plains of the Malili Ranch are a grassland paradise for Grant's gazelle, hartebeest (Kongoni), eland, Thompson's gazelle, and migrating wildebeest. The low fertility of the plains section is not conducive for farming, so the shareholders that were issued plots in that section were quick to accept the government offer to buy the land back. This 5000 acre section has been designated as the Malili Technopolis and is currently being fenced with 10 foot cement posts that will support a chain link barrier to wildlife movement. Cheetahs in the area pass through this section in search of food, but the lack of cover has always prevented them from being resident in the section. It is not possible to know what effect the closure of the area for grazing will have in the short term, but if indeed 300,000 families move into the area this wildlife corridor will no longer exist.

ACK continues to monitor the movements of cheetahs and other wildlife here. We continue to work with the local farmers in environmentally sustainable livelihoods, but sadly we may be monitoring a population of 20-40 cheetahs to extinction. Links with the surrounding areas will tell us the fate of the wildlife that will be dispersed from the Malili area and livelihood monitoring will tell us the fate of the local people who are now trying to eke out a living on subsistence farms in an area that is not conducive to agriculture.

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