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Thu, 2011-09-01 17:19 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
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I would like to thank the Fresno Chaffee Zoo for their support of Action for Cheetahs in Kenya. On 30 August the Chaffee Zoo hosted a brownbag lunch for their staff and volunteers to receive an update on the progress of our programs in Kenya. Funds were raised through craft sales at the event. A huge thanks to Andy Snider for making the arrangements and taking the time to give us a tour of the zoo - so many great things happening at the Zoo! Thanks to the director, Scott Barton, for taking the time to visit with us after the talk.

My family supports ACK through volunteering at events to set up, make sales and clean up at craft sales - Thank you Brenda and Kenzie Tuttle, and our friends Allie "A" and Wendy from Cat Haven for helping at the Chafffee event.