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second hyena in three months (800x601)

Cosmas and I both returned from the field on Friday 12 August. Cosmas left Salama after lunch. Between the new Malili market center and the sign post for the new ICT center a male cheetah ran across the road. Our radio collared cheetah (Jane) crossed the road in nearly the same place in 2009. The new land development will indeed have a huge impact on the cheetahs of that area. I am looking for some people who would like to assist in lobbying for highway under or overpasses in the area to allow people, livestock and wildlife to safely seek safe areas for grazing as the increasing traffic and high speeds cause high mortality to lives of all kinds. Please contact us if you are interested in helping to write letters, bring evidence to administrative authorities and to assist ACK and KWS in our plight to increase wildlife security as well as human lives and livelihoods.

The hyena pictured is the second hit along the stretch of Mombasa Highway near the new Malili market.

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya needs your help. To make a donation, please visit Project Survival – http://www.cathaven.com/ProgramDetail.aspx?id=433