More Help for the Konza Wildlife Rescue

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It has been more than six weeks since the fence construction at Konza stopped. The two openings remain on the southern and eastern corners. For several weeks while KWS, ACK, the Athi-Kapiti Cheetah project and neighboring ranches evaluated the situation, water was provided through donations to the Friends of the Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP). Michael Mbithi headed the watering efforts until the government paperwork could be filed to allocate the necessary funding. ACK worked with volunteers and other FoNNaP members to hand bottles along areas of the fence where frightened animals were trying to move between the inside and outside of the fenced area. The animals remaining inside the fence can get out, but they are not sure how... some have found the openings but others have not. Kongoni, Grant’s gazelle wildebeest and zebra are the species most affected.

The Kiboko Primary School head master heard about volunteers tying bottles on the fence and asked if the wildlife club children could be of help. The first trip on 3 March brought 18 kids supported by ACK and the funds donated by FoNNaP. The second group on 17 March brought 25 kids sponsored by Michael Karimi – a Kenyan living in Spain who saw the project on Facebook Kenyans for Wildlife. With each visit other volunteers joined us as well as the ACK staff and volunteer Reinier van Esch. On the two weekends we tied over 20,000 bottles along about 4KM of fence line. The kids proudly tell the rest of the children at the school, their parents and friends that they helped save wildlife.