More Konza Bottling

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Thu, 2012-06-14 17:47 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
Volunteer Deanna - impromptu bottling Volunteer Maxime and Student Erica - Impromptu bottling Student Morgan - Impromptu bottling

On Sunday, 10 June, some of the ACK research team held a small impromptu bottling at the Konza fence. We completed about 400 meters of the remaining fence along the community side of Konza. there is only about 200meters left to go!

On the way around to check the rest of the fence we found two snares set by poachers. One was set where some of the game species have pushed up a portion of the fence to sneak under. Another was just tied about kongoni head-height. Both snares were removed.

Bottles are beginning to drop off the fence, so we used extra twine to tie some back on…. This was a part of our expectation – cheetah scouts travel around the fenceling 3-4 days per week to pick up and re-hang fallen bottles.

As we reached the highway we ran into some of the Born Free team who were also about to patrol the fenceline. KWS rangers also patrol the fence several times per week. This is an activity that is not really sustainable, but for now our efforts are helping prevent some senseless deaths along the fence.

Earlier in the week I spoke with members of the KWS capture team to discuss the way forward for the animals of Konza…. Unfortunately none of us have the answer yet…. All we can do for now is to keep hanging the bottles.