The First Poops!

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Thu, 2012-06-14 18:35 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
Nelson (student), Jimmy (cheetah scout) and Morgan (student) record details of cheetah scat Scat collection - Action for Cheetahs and Athi-Kapiti cheetah teams

Our new research students held a “poop collection” training with ACK and Athi-Kapiti staff. The training was conducted on Kapiti and Lisa Ranches. Nelson was floating on “Cloud-9” when he picked up seven samples in one day. Morgan was a little disappointed that none of the poop was fresh enough for the hormone testing… but the good thing is that at least five potential sites have been identified for the team to search each week.

After a day on two of the Salama ranches the team had identified another six sites where they found cheetah tracks. Thanks to our great ACK and to the fantastic Athi-Kapiti Cheetah Project scouts for preparing the way for these students.

This project still needs funds to process the fecal samples... Please use this link to make a donation: