Hyenas and Jackals on Camera

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Wed, 2012-06-27 10:01 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:

After nearly two weeks of camera trapping in the Athi-Kapiti ranches (Game Ranching, Machakos Ranching, Lisa Rach and Kapiti Estate) we have seen cheetah tracks on several occasions, but the only predators coming to our bait... hyena and jackals. Our Robo-goat has been having technical issues with sound and battery capacity, but the jackals and hyenas still visit it almost daily.

Hyena at the live goat bait are literally pulling away the thorn walls.. at least giving us a better understanding of why local thorn walls are not aiding in keeping the hyena from raiding the boma's at night. It is strange to see how they not only drag the thorns away, but many of the thorn branches can not be found again... when we visit a boma after an attack we rate the boma for strength and predator proof-ness. Often there are gaping holes along the fences - now I can see that perhaps the owner has been keeping their boma in better repair, but the clever hyena have learned to move the branches and destroy the evidence!

The scents that were attracting cheetahs at zoos, apear to only create a good location for gerenuk to scent mark...

Photos will be posted soon.

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