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The cheetah scat team has been short a member – at the time that we were intending to take Floris into the field he began to develop hip problems. First he was hesitant to sit at the fecal site, then he began to limp. He was put on "kennel-rest" in early June while the rest of the team hit the field. An x-ray showed arthritis as the cause of Floris' discomfort. He is under medication and has been on "kennel-rest" all of June and July. Our whole team – especially Ginger – really miss him. Ginger has always been a bit unpredictable in the field because we raised her more as a pet than a working dog – she is obsessed with squirrel, rats and monkeys. She goes out with us on occasion, but has not proven to be able to lead us to the scat with any reliability. We have learned so much about the use of scat dogs in the past several months and if we are able to get the funding for Nelson to continue with his studies in evaluation of relationship of cheetahs from different areas of Kenya (DNA analysis) we will write a scat dog and handler into the proposal. We are eternally grateful for the staff at KK Security for their assistance in training Floris and we plan to continue our relationship with them. As a part of the DNA proposal we are writing in the training of a dog-handler to work with Working Dogs for Conservation and to be a full time part of our future scat team!

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