Robo Attracts Cheetahs

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Sat, 2012-07-28 17:59 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
Erica setting robotic goat Cheetah within trap zone at Robo-goat

Some exciting news from the field today.... our robotic goat had a positive "capture" of two male cheetahs. The location is the same as the live goat positive "capture" two weeks ago. In between the live and robo goat we placed a scent for two weeks. OK at this point the study is preliminary and the statistical analysis still needs to be conducted... but I am so excited that our robo caught cheetah attention.

Next week the camera project will re-test one of the sites in the Athi-Kapiti control where we had a technical error. Then after a week of rest the whole series will be tested in the Salama area where cheetahs are in the midst of human settlement. Our biggest fear is in human interference with the cameras...