Elephant Rescued from Waste Pit at Tourist Lodge in Kenya

Sat, 2008-02-02 00:35 by Jan

From the online blog of Masai Mara Wildlife Ranger Kimojino, on the web site Wildlife Direct. Go to the website at bottom of this email to see photos accompanying this story.


Elephant Rescued from Waste Pit at Tourist Lodge in Kenya
Kimojino, Wildlife Ranger on the Masai Mara, Wildlife Direct
January 2008

One night in mid January and elephant calf fell into a 20 foot deep waste pit at Little Governors’ Camp on the edge of the Masai Mara. Wildlife Extra is surprised that somewhere such as Governors’ would have such a tempting but deadly pit.

When the Mara is dry, this pit must be a magnet for all sorts of wildlife, and we would be amazed if the elephant was the first animal that has come to grief there.

The elephant remained in the pit filled with the laundry waste water until morning, when the management of Little Governors’ camp reported the matter to the warden in charge of Oloololo gate, who broke the sad news to the park HQs for action.

Several rangers rushed to Little Governors’ where they were confronted with the problem of how to pull the elephant from the pit.

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