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Cleveland MetroPark Zoo Aug2012

My sister Phyllis and my niece Tamara accompanied Cosmas and me from Michigan to Cleveland from 16 – 18 August. We presented our update for zoo staff and volunteers during lunch time on the 16th. The Cleveland Zoological Society and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have supported Action for Cheetahs in Kenya since 2001 through their conservation grant programme and through their Cans for Conservation programme. The Cleveland American Association of Zoo Keepers adds to that support through craft sales at their annual Christmas bizarre. I have many long-term friends at Celveland who have encouraged the progress of ACK through their kind words and contributions. Thank-you Kym Gopp, Ann Kaminsky and Andi Kornak for organizing our talk, supporting our visit and giving us a great tour of your facilities. The zoo is a participant in the cheetah SSP, where the hill top exhibit gives a great view of their beautiful cheetahs.