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Mary, Eric, Deanna and Ginger

We have had the pleasure to work with Deanna Russell since early July. Deanna came to work with us with high recommendations from the Michigan State University Hyena Project leader. She has a great deal of experience in wildlife research and completed her undergraduate degree from Suny College in 2011. It has been a pleasure to work with her and we welcome her to the ACK project from June - December. She works with us as a research assistant. Her duties included work with Erica and Mandela on the Camera Trap Project, work with Nelson and Morgan collecting cheetah scat, and data base management with Cosmas. Her base has been at the field station in Salama. Karibu sana Deanna!
Mogan Maly worked with us in Salama between May and July. She completed the initial phase of her fecal collection and identified several challenges in her research proposal. We will continue to search for more fresh scats throughout the year and Morgan will return to complete her field work in 2013. Her lab work will analyze fecal hormone for a better understanding of wild cheetah stress indicators.
Elena came back in Kenya for a couple of weeks in July to attend the KWS carnivore workshop and to finalize her plans to begin working in the Mara. She returned to Russia and came back to Kenya again in early October and will begin her field work. She is working with KWS and other stakeholders to set up her project. She has purchased a vehicle and making arrangements for accommodation in the Mara for the first phase of her proposed field work. Her research assistant will be Salim Mandela – his experience in cheetah camera trapping prepared him for this position. Elena is working independent and seeking funding through Project Survival and CCF through grants and private donations.