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Sun, 2012-10-28 07:35 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
ICT bottles on fence

It was reported that poachers cut down several hundred meters of the bottles from the fence-line at the ICT. They cut some holes in the fence and used snares to catch animals chased through the holes. There had been no rains for several weeks, and the water points were once again drying. It was beginning to feel like we were back at square one!
Michael Mbithi from the neighboring ranch and manager for the Athi-Kapiti Cheetah Project proposed construction of one-way gates at key locations along the fence. However, if the poachers are already tampering with government fence-line to cut holes for setting snares… imagine the hay-day they will have if we provide them with built-in walkways. Together with Michael and KWS we will continue to explore ways to achieve the results of the one-way suggestion.
Rains have come to the area, giving some reprieve to the animals inside of the fence, and perhaps buying us a bit more time to look at solutions the problem of the ICT fence. Issues surrounding the fenced area are also heating up as more settlement is occurring in the Salama region. Lions have moved into the commercial ranches north of the ICT. What is left for these predators when land-use increases and tolerance for co-existence decreases?