On the road – Salt Lake City

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Phyllis setting up craft table at Hogle zoo

Our next stop was Utah’s Hogle Zoo. I worked at Hogle in for just over 10 years and with the support of the staff and friends at this zoo, I began my career as a field biologist. I was a part of starting the award winning in-house recylcling program, and used my studies of animal behavior to design many animal enclosures and early enrichment projects. ACK has received annual grants from Hogle Zoo and from the Utah Chapter AAZK since 2001. Liz Larsen is the Conservation Coordinator for the zoo, and has assisted ACK as our volunteer coordinator. If you would like to volunteer with ACK, your application will first pass through Liz. She has been one of my closest friends and is a part of the backbone to ACK. Liz arranged a staff brown-bag lunch where Cosmas and I presented an update of our research and our future plans for cheetah conservation in Kenya.