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Safari West

Set in the beautiful hills outside of Santa Rosa California is a privately owned zoo called Safari West http://www.safariwest.com/home/

We were hosted by Safari West to spend an evening in their authentic safari camp. Tents brought in from South Africa decorated with safari theme can be rented by visitors for a night or for several nights. Guided tours give a nice impression of driving through safari parks where the hoofed animals have massive acres of land to roam. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, sharing not only information about the animals, but also about the issues faced by each animal in their home countries.

We presented on a Friday evening to the guests who were staying on site with us and toured with them on Saturday morning. The ambassador cheetah presentation by Marie Martinez was the intro to our program. Safari West supports several cheetah projects through generous donations, thus their ambassadors help visitors to understand the importance of cheetah conservation efforts in Africa. Thank-you for adding ACK to the list of programs that you support.