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Animal Ark cheetah run 22 Sep 2012

Just outside of Reno, the Animal Ark is a small haven for several indigenous North American animals. Aaron and Dianna Hiibel are passionate conservationists who have spent their life building the Animal Ark. There is a conservation message in every event and at every exhibit at the facility.

One of the only non-indigenous species at Animal Ark is the cheetahs. The three cheetahs have large enclosures and are exercised using a lure course several times a week throughout the year (weather permitting). Once a month during the spring through fall months, a public run is held. During each run a message about the beauty and skill of the cheetah, and the conservation needs for the wild counterpart is presented.

We had the privilege of being the guest speakers for the OUT OF AFRICA annual fundraiser at the Ark. Our community crafts were a big hit, and our presentation was well received. Vanessa Bezuidenhout was on vacation from South Africa (Endangered Wildlife Trust), and also presented some of the issues being faced by other African animals – the elephant and rhino. Maxime and Nancy from Cheetah Friends Europe also attended the event.

I am so grateful to my sister Phyllis and my niece Brenda for their assistance at the craft table while Cosmas and I spoke to the visitors about Action for Cheetahs in Kenya.

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