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East Coast USA

Sat, 2012-12-22 14:16 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:

Brenda left us in Syracuse tor return to her family in Michigan, The remainder of the trip was completed by Cosmas, Phyllis and I. We had 6 days to travel down the east coast.

Our first stop was Keene, New Hampshire to stay with Erica Hermson. We discussed the preliminary results of her camera study, and look forward to the final report in a couple of months after the statistics are completed. Erica is interested in continuing to work with ACK and will be taking over the volunteer and student coordination from Liz Larsen. The transition will happen over the next several months. We look forward to continued work with Erica and hopefully having her in Kenya again soon. Liz Larsen will continue to be our liaison at the Utah's Hogle Zoo and we are eternally grateful for the 10 years she has been our volunteer coordinator.

After leaving Erica, we drove to Connecticut where we visited Yale campus and caught up with several graduates who still live in New Haven. I am working with some of the Forestry and Environmental Studies recruiters to identify strong students that would fit into their programmes.

We visited the Beardsley Zoo (Bridgeport) and the Leo Conservation Center (Greenwich) to discuss affiliations and support. The Beardsley Zoo is a small facility that is active in wolf conservation. I look forward to working with Beardsley through their conservation program. The Leo Conservation Center supported ACK through Erica’s project. Some of the baits that she planned to use for her study were tested on the cheetahs at the Center. The director, Marcella Leone, supports conservation efforts of several species, and working with Erica is just the start of our collaboration with the Center.

We passed through New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC to see the sights on the way to our next venue in Front Royal, southwest of Washington DC.