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IMG_0011Cosmas and Lumumba tea break

IMG_0011Cosmas and Lumumba tea break

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Lumumba’s Discovery

Thu, 2013-01-10 20:20 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:

For everyone who has worked with our ACK Salama team, you all know that Lumumba loves to listen to and tell stories from the field. Recent subdivision of the Kima Estate resulted in a rush for the resources. Fires were started during the dry season and after the rains there are many people grazing livestock on the fresh sprouts. Small game animals are regularly reports – dikdik, duiker, Steinbok, hares – now that fire and grazing have cleared much of the thick undercover.

On some areas of the ranch the cheetahs are still around, and there the bush is a bit thicker giving them places to hide. People fear the area where the buffalo and leopard inhabit, so that area is also still quite wild. Hyena are heard by anyone who lives around the ranch, because they too have taken shelter in the thicker bush to avoid contact with people.

In the past, There were always certain areas of the farm where the hyena and jackal tracks were sure to be found. One such area is near the milking plot. This is one area where the hyenas were present, but where there were never conflicts. The herders have told Lumumba that the hyena used to eat the cattle dung. Also, during milking the spilled milk and dung would be left around the milking plots, but the cattle were kept in a boma some distance away. Now that the ranch cattle have been sold and the community has begun to graze on the property of their neighbors… the hyenas have been coming closer to the community plots.

Luumba and some of the other community members have been letting their neighbors know that now is a time to make boma improvements. And they are talking about what can be done to keep the hyenas that now lack the milk and dung from becoming a menace.

I welcome you to share this with anyone who knows more about hyenas. Is it true that they eat the cow dung for nutrients?