March Welcome (belated)

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Sun, 2013-05-19 21:58 by ACK Mary · Forum/category:
Cujo with his favorite toy Deanna with Cujo Cujo and Chai

It has been a very busy couple of months for Action for Cheetahs in Kenya. We welcomed the return of Deanna Russell to our field team. Deanna will volunteer with us for three months as a dog trainer, learning about methods of detection training. Deana is working with two young dogs. The first is Chai, a rescue dog from the Kenya Society for the Protection of Animals. Chai had a moderate play drive, but because of an immediate bond with Deanna, we decided to try using her and build the play drive. We believe Chai is about 16-20 months, but since she was rescued from the streets, we cant be sure of her birthday. The second dog is Cujo. He has a stronger play drive, but he is a bit young at only eight months. Cujo was a shamba puppy born in a compound where PHD students are working with the forest in Taita. Since the puppy was raised by the student, he wanted to find a home for the puppy before it is time for him to head out of the country. We drove to Taita and now both dogs live at our compound in Nairobi and are in training.

WELCOME BACK Deana, and welcome to the team Chai and Cujo!

We would like to thank Anne Walton for her donations of accommodation for Deanna on the “other side of town” and towards the care of the dogs. While we await grant approvals, we are grateful for donations to the general fund for ACK that will assist in the training and up-keep of the dogs.