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Deanna sorting poop containers from samples collected in 2012

Deanna sorting poop containers from ...
Viola Rono with Yumi Yamani learning ...
Viola Rono perfecting the methodolog ...

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Scat Analysis

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Deanna has also been assisting in setting up the laboratory portion of the scat prey hair analysis. We hired Viola Rono as the laboratory technician. Viola had training in Biology and Micro-biology and had previously conducted an internship with the KWS laboratory through the veterinary department. Viola has perfected the mounting methodology for the hair analysis and has developed the guide key that will allow us to determining the prey selection of cheetahs from the 200 scats collected in Salama and Athi Kapiti in 2012. KWS, the National Museums of Keny and ACK are working together to catalogue as many species hairs as possible
A thin coat of clear nail polish on a slide provides the proper medium for photographing hair scale pattern provides a simple means of confirming the species consumed by the cheetah. With this method we will be able to know if cheetahs are selecting certain prey no matter what prey is available in greater mass, or if cheetahs change their diet as land use changes are occurring. Welcome Viola and thank you for joining the scat team of ACK.