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Charles Musyoki, Cosmas Wambua, Deana Russell and Bernard Kuloba on KWS visit to Salama field site

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KWS Officers visit Salama Research Area

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Our research has been affiliated with KWS since 2001. Each year we submit study results, achievements and data to KWS to assist with cheetah conservation decisions. In the field we work closely with the Senior Warden, Community Warden, Science Officer and Area Rangers. During project planning we consult with specialists in the topic of our proposed study. Senior research offices read through and approve proposals, and authorize our work. It was our pleasure to host two of the senior officers to our Salama research site in late March. It is the goal of Dr. Charles Musyoki (Head of Species Research) and Mr Bernard Kuloba (Carnivore Research Officer) to visit locations of long term research programmes to better understand the issues on the ground and the relationships with the community and the field KWS personnel. The research officers met our field scouts and members of the community. They toured the research area and we discussed the issues of cheetah conservation in changing land uses. The Salama area represents changing land use and the adaptations required for cheetahs to persist. We are grateful for the continued support of KWS and feel privileged that senior officers show support for the ongoing studies of ACK.