Salama Field Work

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Cosmas Wambua, Job Mathiya and Peter Barber on morning game count Rising rain clouds on morning game count

In the past three months, Cosmas has completed two driving game counts in the Salama study area. Peter Barber returned to Kenya from Canada to visit different areas of Kenya and to assist ACK. Peter has assisted with driving and walking game counts for the last several years. In the May game count Cosmas and Peter saw a serval cat on the Kima ranch – this is the first serval seen during a game count since 2008. We are grateful to Peter for all of his support including game count driving!

The cheetah scouts in Salama have finished the development of our community “Boma Day” project. We will be conducting Boma Day in each region to teach people more about the different means of protecting livestock through boma (corral) improvements. The scouts have developed blueprints and an expense chart for different types of boma, depending on your needs and the predator that passes through. The scouts have also developed materials to share with people about crop protection.

Now that the rains have come to an end, we expect the cheetah numbers in the area to increase again. Cheetahs move away from the area in search of food and water during the rainy season. Wildlife generally move in after the rains for improved grazing, thus it makes sense that the predators will also move in.